Days Gone Director Ends All Hopes of a Sequel

Days Gone director Jeff Ross has announced that a sequel to the zombie game will never materialize. Despite receiving a mixed response at the time of its release, Days Gone has amassed a considerable fan following over time, periodically sparking rumors of a possible sequel.

In 2019, Days Gone rolled out to a lukewarm critical reception, significantly owing to the various technical issues at launch. The scuppered momentum, together with the game seemingly not turning in a massive profit, meant that Sony wouldn’t consider renewing the Bend Studio franchise despite numerous fans demanding a Days Gone sequel. In the latest development, the open-world game’s director has reiterated the unfortunate fate of the franchise.

A Days Gone Prequel Would Already Have the Perfect Title
Days Gone ever receiving a prequel or sequel is a pipe dream for dedicated fans, though a prequel in particular would already have the perfect name.

On Twitter, Jeff Ross, a former Bend Studio employee who co-directed Days Gone, made a bold statement saying that a sequel to the zombie-centric game “will never happen.” Addressing the speculations surrounding the future of the post-apocalyptic franchise, he shared an image portraying characters from PlayStation Studios games and highlighted the absence of a Days Gone character as evidence of Sony’s lack of interest in the IP. Moreover, he stated that there won’t be any mention of the game at a future PlayStation event because key figures at Sony, such as newly appointed co-CEO Hermen Hulst, “were never fans.”

Days Gone 2 is Effectively Out of Question

While fans quickly pointed out the image Ross shared wasn’t official but fan-made, the game director acknowledged the mistake but didn’t retract his original statement, underlining “the sentiment remains the same.” Replying to another user, he revealed that “corporate” was never in favor of Bend Studio’s Days Gone 2 plans and that there was only a short-lived “pretense” of looking forward to a second game. Explaining why Hulst wasn’t on board with the idea, the director said that the reason was “purely portfolio-based.” He continued that Sony already had a zombie game – an obvious nod to The Last of Us – and wouldn’t pick the “lesser-performing title” over it.

If there was still any lingering hope for a Days Gone sequel, recent comments from Ross have more or less put that to bed. However, Bend Studio is still an active partner of PlayStation and is currently working on a new IP for the PS5. With its next game, the American developer is set to try its hand at the open-world multiplayer genre. Although there is not enough information regarding the project’s progress, the Days Gone creator teased its status earlier this year, simply saying, “We cooking.”

Days Gone
Developed by Bend Studio, Days Gone is an open-world zombie apocalypse game where players must battle off massive hordes of enemies. In this action-adventure game, players enter a harsh environment after a global pandemic that has devastated the world. Control the former outlaw Deacon St. John who is trying to find his way in the desolate lands.