Dead Cells developer showcases upcoming roguelite Windblown with fast-paced 3 player co-op

A new trailer from the PC Gaming Show has revealed exciting new details about Windblown, the upcoming game from Motion Twin, the developer behind the popular title Dead Cells. This new game aims to provide not only a thrilling single-player experience but also a cooperative one for up to 3 players.

One of the standout features of Windblown highlighted in the trailer is the ultra-high-speed dashes that the three playable protagonists can perform, thanks to a back-mounted thruster. These dashes allow players to quickly navigate through the isometric-view action, avoiding enemy attacks and covering multiple screens in seconds. Additionally, players will have the ability to switch weapons mid-run, enabling them to execute stylish “ultra attacks” after completing combat sequences.

The trailer also showcases some multiplayer gameplay, demonstrating how players can strategically coordinate their characters’ abilities to create diverse gameplay options. For example, there are moments where one character distracts enemies while others launch coordinated attacks, showcasing the importance of teamwork in Windblown.

Motion Twin’s inspiration for Windblown comes from Japanese action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, aiming to bring the fast-paced and smooth combat of these titles into a multiplayer roguelite setting. Designer Yannick Berthier expressed the team’s goal in a previous interview with PC Gamer, emphasizing the desire to combine stylish action with cooperative gameplay.

Following the success of Dead Cells, which has solidified its position as a genre-defining action roguelike since its release in 2018, Motion Twin is set to deliver another engaging gaming experience with Windblown. The game is now available on Steam for players to explore and enjoy.

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