Destiny 2’s ‘Final Shape’ Pre-Load Requires 300 GB On PC

Destiny 2 fans gearing up for the highly anticipated release of The Final Shape expansion on PC may need to make some serious space on their hard drives. The pre-load for the DLC requires a whopping 300 GB of free storage, posing a challenge for those with limited storage capacity, especially for SSD users.

The file size breakdown for the pre-load on various platforms has been revealed, with Steam topping the list at 299.70 GB. Other platforms include PS4 at 129.31 GB, PS5 at 143.81 GB, Xbox One at 139.52 GB, Xbox Series S/X at 165.82 GB, EGS at 279.66 GB, and Microsoft Store at 156.22 GB.

However, there’s a silver lining to this massive file size requirement. The 300 GB on Steam is not the actual size of the game but rather what is needed for pre-loading. This is due to the necessity of storing two versions of the game during pre-load, which will be reduced by half (155.5 GB) after the launch. Players can also opt to uninstall and reinstall the game after the patch drops to free up space.

Despite the inconvenience of clearing out substantial storage space, the ballooning size of Destiny 2 was a driving factor behind Bungie’s decision to implement the content vault, removing old content and destinations. The Final Shape expansion promises to further expand the game’s size, hinting at a potentially larger scope for the DLC.

As fans brace themselves for the release of The Final Shape, it’s evident that significant storage preparation is necessary. Stay tuned for more updates on the expansion and make sure to follow the latest news on Destiny 2.

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