DigitalX Limited, a digital asset fund manager, has made headlines with the recent announcement of the approval and launch of its new spot Bitcoin ETF on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The ETF, known as “BTXX,” is set to begin trading on Friday, July 12, 2024, at 10:00 AM AEST.

This milestone was made possible through DigitalX’s strategic partnerships with K2 Asset Management and 3iQ. K2 Asset Management will act as the Responsible Entity and issuer for the ETF, leveraging their expertise in managing ASX-listed ETFs and compliance systems. Additionally, 3iQ will play a key role in promoting and distributing the ETF both locally and internationally, drawing on their experience in managing digital asset ETFs on a global scale.

CEO Lisa Wade expressed her excitement about introducing the spot Bitcoin ETF to the Australian market, emphasizing the importance of providing secure access to Bitcoin for investors. She highlighted DigitalX’s extensive track record in managing digital assets and their commitment to making Bitcoin investment more accessible and cost-effective for Australians.

The launch of the DigitalX spot Bitcoin ETF marks a significant development in the Australian digital asset investment landscape, as it is one of the first ETFs of its kind to be listed on the ASX in over six years. The ETF, trading under the ticker symbol “BTXX,” offers investors a regulated and liquid fund structure for direct exposure to Bitcoin, simplifying the process of incorporating digital assets into investment portfolios.

Chair of DigitalX, Toby Hicks, reflected on the company’s journey over the past decade since its listing on the ASX. He highlighted the growth and evolution of the digital asset markets and commended the collaborative efforts of K2 Asset Management in bringing the spot Bitcoin ETF to the ASX. Hicks reaffirmed DigitalX’s commitment to leading the development of digital asset investments in a compliant and secure manner.

Overall, the launch of the DigitalX spot Bitcoin ETF represents a significant step forward for the Australian digital asset investment market, providing investors with a convenient and secure way to access Bitcoin through a regulated fund structure. With the expertise of DigitalX, K2 Asset Management, and 3iQ behind the ETF, investors can trust that they are gaining exposure to Bitcoin in a reliable and compliant manner.