Embark on a journey through Icelandic folklore in the upcoming adventure game Island of Winds. Developed by Parity Games, this action-adventure game features a serene Icelandic setting. However, don’t be fooled by the peaceful backdrop, as the new trailer showcased during the PC Gaming Show reveals a world full of challenges and dangers.

Set in 17th-century Iceland, players take on the role of Brynhildur, the Balance Keeper tasked with maintaining harmony between our world and supernatural forces. When Brynhildur’s home is attacked and her mentor is taken, she must embark on a quest to uncover the truth. The Icelandic landscape, while visually stunning, is fraught with obstacles and hidden threats that players must navigate.

Island of Winds draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Iceland, folklore, and historical elements to create a captivating story filled with rich lore and engaging puzzles. The gameplay trailer released in April showcased stealth mechanics, puzzle-solving, and using magical abilities to overcome adversaries. The latest trailer emphasizes platforming, stealth tactics, and utilizing magic to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

Fortunately, Brynhildur is not defenseless. Players can control her magical powers, including lightning bolts and knockback spells, to fend off enemies and even heal wounded creatures. With legendary creatures roaming the fantastical land, having a variety of spells at your disposal will be crucial to surviving the journey.

While Island of Winds does not have a confirmed release date, it is slated to launch in 2025. Players can wishlist the game or find more information on the Steam page. Stay informed about the latest news and updates by following the PC Gamer team for the most important stories and exclusive deals.