Bitcoin may not have reached the $60,000 mark yet, but Travis Kling, the Chief Investment Officer of Ikigai Asset Management, believes that the current bearish phase is not as scary as it seems. He listed eight reasons why he remains bullish on Bitcoin despite the recent market conditions.

Firstly, Kling pointed out the rapid liquidations of Bitcoin by Germany, which has caused the country’s holdings to decrease significantly. However, he predicts that this selling pressure will soon come to an end as the market adjusts to it.

Secondly, Kling addressed the fears surrounding Mt. Gox repayments and the potential impact on the market. He believes that the creditors are unlikely to engage in massive sell-offs and that the market is overestimating the negative effects of this situation.

Thirdly, Kling discussed the US government’s approach to selling Bitcoin, noting that they have been measured in their actions so far. He believes that this selling activity is unlikely to disrupt the overall market stability.

Additionally, Kling highlighted the increase in retail investment in Bitcoin through ETFs, particularly following recent price dips. This surge in retail interest suggests a positive sentiment among investors looking to capitalize on lower prices.

Furthermore, Kling mentioned the anticipation of US spot Ethereum ETFs and the minimal speculative hype surrounding this development. He believes that the market could react positively to the launch of these ETFs.

Kling also discussed the potential for upcoming Federal Reserve rate cuts and how this could impact the market. He noted that the market has priced in the possibility of rate cuts in September, which could lead to increased interest in Bitcoin.

Moreover, Kling speculated on the potential influence of a Trump presidency on Bitcoin, suggesting that political factors could play a role in shaping the market’s future.

Lastly, Kling pointed out the disparity between the performance of Bitcoin and the NASDAQ index, noting that Bitcoin has lagged behind significantly. He believes that Bitcoin is undervalued relative to the NASDAQ and could soon experience a catch-up rally.

In conclusion, despite the current market conditions, Kling remains optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and believes that there are several factors that could contribute to a positive trend in the cryptocurrency market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $59,147.