Good News for Android Auto and CarPlay As Several Apps Now Available for All Users

Modern drivers think Android Auto and CarPlay are must-have equipment in new cars, especially because they offer convenient access to their apps. The biggest benefit is the reduced distraction, as drivers are less tempted to pick up their phones when the apps they use and notifications are available on the screen on their dashboard. Developers also acknowledged that bringing their apps to the vehicle experience is key to steady adoption, as the number of Android Auto and CarPlay users keeps growing.

This week, Android Auto and CarPlay received several new apps, confirming that Google and Apple have every reason to continue investing in their car experiences. Users who enjoy listening to radio stations while driving received two new apps. WMHT-FM and WEXT apps are now compatible with Apple CarPlay, allowing users to listen to their favorite radio station wherever they are. The biggest benefit of an Internet-connected radio station is that you can tune in even when you are outside of the broadcast area. You can control the playback from the CarPlay screen when the app runs in the car.

For those living in Europe and traveling through Slovakia, the ZSE Drive app is now available on CarPlay. This application offers excellent coverage of local charging stations for electric vehicles, allowing users to find a nearby location in seconds based on their vehicle profile. The app provides information about nearby stations, their location on the map, and navigation guidance to reach them conveniently. The parent company is also working on an Android Auto version, with no confirmed release date yet.

Android Auto users can now enjoy an exclusive release with the 101 Smooth Jazz app. This app lets users listen to jazz tunes in the car with the latest update. The application is available on the Play Store, and users just need to install the latest version to access it in the car. Once launched, 101 Smooth Jazz provides a car-optimized interface for listening to favorite jazz mixes and controlling the playback without unlocking the mobile device.

Apple’s statistics indicate that approximately 80% of new-car buyers in the United States want CarPlay in their next vehicles. They are even willing to switch to another model or brand if CarPlay is not included, as it has become a mandatory feature in new-generation cars. Google reports that Android Auto is compatible with over 200 million vehicles on the road, and everyone can get the system, including in a new car, with an aftermarket head unit upgrade.