GoPro’s Awesome Amazon Sale is Here to Kickstart Your Summer

Summer’s coming in hot, and that means you’re about to get into all sorts of wild things. The great thing about living in the modern age is that it’s easier than ever to capture those jaw-dropping moments on camera. Especially since GoPro is letting all of its latest and greatest action cameras go at a discount with an awesome spring sale at Amazon. 

Most of us have way too much money in our cars and bikes to even consider buying a new action camera. Usually, we’re shopping a few generations back because they offer decent picture quality and can be had at a much lower price than later entries. This sale changes things as you can buy new models for about the same price. 

Right now, you can snag the **GoPro HERO12 Black** for $299.00 or the **GoPro MAX** for $399.00. You can bump back to the **GoPro HERO11 Black** for $249.99 or the **GoPro HERO10 Black** for $229.00 if you do still want to save more to put toward accessories, plenty of which are also on sale. 

I have no idea what camera you want or what accessories you need to keep it attached to whatever it is you’re getting nutty with this summer. So, I’ve compiled a list of different GoPro items that are on sale to cover all the bases. 

**More Deals From GoPro’s Amazon Sale:**
– **GoPro HERO12 Black Creator Edition** for $499.00 at Amazon 
– **GoPro MAX** for $399.00 at Amazon 
– **GoPro HERO12 Black** for $299.00 at Amazon
– **GoPro HERO11 Black** for $249.99 at Amazon
– **GoPro HERO10 Black** for $229.00 at Amazon
– **The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)** for $19.83 at Amazon
– **GoPro Performance Chest Mount** for $25.75 at Amazon
– **GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts** for $16.75 at Amazon 
– **GoPro Suction Cup Mount** for $35.22 at Amazon
– **GoPro The Remote** for $73.05 at Amazon
– **GoPro Travel Kit** for $58.00 at Amazon
– **GoPro Magnetic Swivel Cameras Clip** for $21.80 at Amazon
– **GoPro Camera Accessory Sports Kit** for $64.99 at Amazon
– **GoPro Tripod Mounts** for $15.99 at Amazon
– **GoPro Enduro Battery** for $22.99 at Amazon