Helldivers 2 Ban Wave Hits 20,000 Steam Accounts

In a recent crackdown on players bypassing regional restrictions, Valve has banned over 20,000 Steam accounts, primarily in Russia and Belarus. This action comes in the wake of the Helldivers 2 PSN controversy, which resulted in the game being restricted in 180 countries.

Following the ban on Sony games in these countries, players sought alternative methods to access games like Helldivers 2. Many turned to VPNs to change their location and purchase global Steam keys from countries with cheaper prices. However, Valve has caught on to this practice and is now swiftly banning users who attempt to circumvent the restrictions.

While the ban wave has primarily affected players in Russia and Belarus, reports suggest that players in other countries are also being targeted. Those who activated global Steam keys in restricted regions are facing bans as well.

Players who find themselves banned can reach out to Steam support for assistance in restoring their accounts. Those who activated Steam keys before their country was restricted should also contact support to prevent any potential bans.

For those still able to play Helldivers 2, the game’s storyline is reaching a critical point as players must destroy an entire planet to thwart the Terminid Super Colony. However, this action is predicted to trigger a catastrophic event, leading to the emergence of The Illuminate. As the stakes continue to rise, players must navigate the game’s challenges amidst the ban wave affecting Steam accounts worldwide.