How to Unlock the DNA Bomb in Season 4 of MW3

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There’s a new killstreak that Season 4 brings that you’ll definitely want to try out. The DNA Bomb is your ticket to decimate a lobby across new modes and maps. While it offers server-cleaning powers, it doesn’t end the match like a regular MGB nuke. Flip the odds in your favor by learning how to get this weapon of mass destruction.

**What is the DNA Bomb?**
Activate the DNA Bomb by securing 25 consecutive kills in a single life without being eliminated. This killstreak replaces the MGB in Season 4, leaning into its biochemical warfare theme as it covers the map in green gas after a countdown of ten seconds. Unlike the MGB, using this item doesn’t end the match. Enemies will simply respawn and the game will proceed as usual. But this will certainly tip the score towards your team. It’s a throwback to Manticore, the bio-weapon from Advanced Warfare’s campaign.

According to the Call of Duty blog, “The discovery of a DNA Bomb Popov Power in Urzikstan is a taste of the tremendous power this brings to a Multiplayer match. Once you’re granted the DNA Bomb you can detonate it, eliminating all players on the opposing team.” As for getting the kills, remember that kills from other killstreaks don’t count toward this item in Modern Warfare 3. Only weapons, grenades, and equipment kills are fair game. Once you get enough kills, you can press the killstreak button on your controller or keyboard for your character to summon it.

You won’t find this item in the regular killstreaks menu. Image captured by VideoGamer.

**How to use the DNA Bomb fast**
You don’t need to unlock the item via the Armory system in the killstreaks menu. All players automatically trade their nuke for it. But racking up those kills won’t be easy. After spending some time unlocking killstreaks, here are our methods to lessen that burden:

**Opt for Scorestreaks**
You can pick between scorestreaks and killstreaks in Call of Duty’s loadout customization menu before a match. This determines whether your score or kill count will enable your killstreaks. In modes like Kill Confirmed where you’ll be working towards your objectives even if you don’t get kills, scorestreaks will let you unlock the DNA Bomb faster. But if you’re confident with your aim, stick to regular killstreaks. Unlock the detonation and you’ll clean up the entire server in no time.

**Pick specific game modes**
Modes like Hardpoint and Domination that push players to a specific area are great for securing kills. Just remember that standing in the objective zone will make you an easy target. So stay in the shadows and pick foes off as they try to capture objectives to rack up points. Try not to camp at a single spot too as the killcam will give away your position to enemy targets as you knock them down.

**Bring teammates along**
If you want to survive, try bringing friends along to support you. Allies will be able to block any surprise attacks and keep you alive long enough to activate the game-altering killstreak. And with a variety of weapon choices, you can protect yourself from threats across all ranges. Just remember to help them activate their killstreaks in the next match.

**Don’t sprint and focus on stealth**
Hiding from enemy UAVs and radar will let you survive for longer. Opt for perks like the Ghost T/V Camo to evade enemy radar and stay undetected. The new Compression plate and Mission Control Vest can help you out here. The former lets you regenerate health after a kill, boosting survivability. Pick up a silenced weapon as well. While a suppressor might not be as effective in combat as the other attachments, it will let you hide from foes as you snipe them down.