Kelvin Revolutionizing Home Energy Audits with AI Technology

When it comes to combating climate change, the founders of Kelvin, a French startup, are on a mission to revolutionize home energy assessments using computer vision and machine learning. Clémentine Lalande, Pierre Joly, and Guillaume Sempé recognized the significant impact that renovations could have on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, sparking their interest in this space.

With 300 million homes in Europe requiring renovations over the next 30 years, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions. However, the construction industry, including companies specializing in energy efficiency audits, has been slow to adopt technology. Kelvin aims to fill this gap by leveraging AI technology to streamline the audit process.

Kelvin’s CEO, Clémentine Lalande, highlighted the importance of digitizing the construction industry, especially in light of ambitious goals set by organizations like the National Housing Agency in France. By utilizing open data, satellite images, and a vast training dataset, Kelvin’s AI model can accurately assess a building’s thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Unlike other startups in the home energy assessment space, Kelvin focuses solely on software development and AI technology. By avoiding the marketplace model and direct consumer interaction, Kelvin aims to provide its innovative solution to construction companies, real estate firms, and financial institutions involved in home renovation projects.

With a successful initial funding round of €4.7 million, Kelvin is poised to transform the way home energy audits are conducted. By offering precise assessments and streamlining the renovation decision-making process, Kelvin is paving the way for a more sustainable future.


**Clémentine Lalande**
Clémentine Lalande is the CEO of Kelvin, a French startup revolutionizing home energy audits through AI technology. With a background in technology and a passion for sustainability, Lalande co-founded Kelvin to address the pressing need for energy-efficient renovations in Europe. Prior to launching Kelvin, Lalande held key roles in the tech industry, where she honed her expertise in machine learning and computer vision.

Throughout her career, Lalande has been a strong advocate for leveraging technology to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. Her leadership at Kelvin has positioned the company as a pioneering force in the construction industry, offering innovative solutions for energy assessments. Lalande’s commitment to sustainability and technological innovation continues to drive Kelvin’s success in revolutionizing home energy audits.