The base of the Spanish team Lorenzo Brown acknowledged that he was “concerned” about how they were going to accept him in the national team after his nationalization, but that he is grateful that they have treated him “like one of them”, because for him it is “great the brotherhood that exists in La Familia”.

“I was worried about how they were going to accept me, but they love me and I love them, so it’s great. Even though I haven’t been here very long, I feel like these players have known each other for a long time, they’ve accepted me as one of them and it’s great this brotherhood that exists in La Familia, it’s really a family”, said Brown at a press conference after Spain’s victory against Lithuania in the Eurobasket.

Brown, who is just “an American kid,” acknowledges that he is “learning every day” from his peers. “They speak in Spanish, and I am learning, I learn every day and everything I am learning is great and how they have treated me so far. Last year, when I was in Kazan, it was surely the year with a more united team, and I feel the same way here,” he explained.

The player was totally decisive in beating Lithuania, scoring 28 points and dishing out eight assists in his best game as a player for Spain. “We have needed a lot of courage, to play our match, to fight on both sides, the coach has put pressure on us, we have taken a step forward defensively,” said Lorenzo Brown.

“Alberto (Díaz) has done great things defensively, there have been great shots from Rudy (Fernández), everyone played their game and I can only thank you for being in a great team like this, it’s a blessing and I can only watch towards the next game”, valued the point guard.

Brown had a shot to win over Lithuania in the warm-up games that he missed, a circumstance he has now put behind him. “Going back to that shot, we take shots like that every day and that day I missed, but we were looking forward to another chance and we weren’t going to let it go without a fight,” he said.

“It’s impressive the confidence that these players have in me and I’m very grateful that on the shots I miss they tell me to keep trying and it’s great that there are people who support you, and for me, being the new one, I already feel like I’m like a brother for them. I am grateful to the team and (Sergio Scariolo) for being with me,” he said.

For Lorenzo Brown, “it is always a special feeling to have people there who support you”, and he feels “very grateful” both to those who support him in the United States and those who support him from Tel Aviv, where he will play next year. for Maccabi. “I can’t wait to get there, I talk to them every day, they wish me the best while I’m here and I know they support me,” he concluded.