The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has assured this Friday that the commercial exchange with Colombia will generate 2,000 million euros for both countries after the opening of the common border, closed since August 2015.

“1,969 million euros is the estimate of the commercial exchange between Venezuela and Colombia during this 2022, from the opening of their border lines,” Maduro said in statements to Globovision.

Previously, the Venezuelan representative has announced on his social networks that on September 26, the border between both countries will reopen.

This announcement marks the end of seven years in which the border has remained practically closed, after Maduro closed the passage between the two Latin American countries during the government of Juan Manuel Santos due to the alleged presence of Colombian paramilitaries in his territory. A crisis that worsened with the expulsion of hundreds of Colombians from Venezuela.

Petro told Maduro of his willingness to restore “the full exercise of Human Rights” between the two countries upon his arrival at the presidency, after the outgoing president Iván Duque ended diplomatic relations in February 2019.