Man Discovers Prehistoric Monster Off the Coast of Florida

A Florida man, Alex Lundberg, 29, made a remarkable discovery while diving near Venice Beach. Lundberg found the remains of a prehistoric monster believed to be 10 million years old. The find, a four-foot mastodon tusk, is considered ‘super rare’ as typically only prehistoric shark teeth and mammoth tusk fragments are discovered in the area. Lundberg, along with his friend Blair Morrow, made the discovery at a depth of 25 feet below the surface.

The mastodon tusk, which weighs about 60 pounds, is estimated to be between 10,000 and 500,000 years old based on other fossils found in the area. Mastodons, distant relatives of modern elephants, were widespread in North America until about 10,000 years ago. The find is particularly unusual in Florida, where only about a dozen full mastodon skeletons have been discovered compared to more than 140 in New York State alone.

Lundberg expressed his amazement at the intact condition of the tusk, noting that it remained whole as he brought it to the surface. He plans to report his findings to the Florida Museum of Natural History to determine the scientific value of the discovery. Despite its potential financial worth, Lundberg sees the tusk as more of a family heirloom, stating, ‘I told my girlfriend, this tusk is going to go to our kids and our grandkids, like, this is a family tusk now. It’s part of the family.’

The coastline’s constant shifting due to environmental changes over millions of years likely contributed to the delayed discovery of the mastodon tusk. Lundberg’s find has sparked interest among experts and paleontologists who are eager to study the rare artifact. The Florida Museum of Natural History will evaluate the tusk’s scientific significance once Lundberg’s fossil collecting permit expires in six months.

In conclusion, the discovery of the prehistoric mastodon tusk off the coast of Florida sheds light on the region’s rich paleontological history. Lundberg’s find not only highlights the importance of preserving such artifacts but also underscores the thrill of uncovering ancient treasures that have remained hidden for millions of years.