Monster Hunter Wilds Introduces Innovative Mount in Latest Trailer

Monster Hunter Wilds has unveiled a groundbreaking new feature in its latest trailer at PlayStation’s State of Play showcase. The highlight of the trailer was the introduction of a new mount called the Seikret, which promises to revolutionize the way players navigate the vast open world of the game.

According to details shared on the PlayStation Blog, the Seikret boasts a unique ability to use its strong sense of smell to guide players to their destinations. This means that players can now perform essential tasks such as recovering health, sharpening weapons, and gathering materials while on the move, all from the back of their trusty mount.

What sets the Seikret apart is its versatility as more than just a means of transportation. Players can now switch to and access new secondary weapons while riding the Seikret, turning it into a mobile base of operations for players to prepare themselves for encounters with formidable beasts.

The inclusion of the sense of smell as a gameplay mechanic adds an intriguing layer to the hunting experience in Monster Hunter Wilds. While previous titles in the series required players to track down monsters using clues and environmental indicators, the Seikret’s ability to lead players directly to their targets could streamline the gameplay experience significantly.

Monster Hunter Wilds is set to be one of the most highly anticipated games of 2025, with a release planned for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Leading up to the launch of Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom celebrates a significant milestone of 100 million copies sold across the franchise, with titles like World and Rise contributing to this impressive number in just a few years.

Overall, the introduction of the Seikret mount in Monster Hunter Wilds promises to offer players a new level of immersion and convenience in navigating the game’s expansive world. As fans eagerly await the game’s release, the innovative features showcased in the latest trailer are sure to generate even more excitement for what’s to come in this highly anticipated title.