The British Heart Foundation, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi, has launched a new campaign aimed at raising awareness about heart disease among young football fans. The campaign features 12 outdoor displays in various towns and cities, each dedicated to a young individual who tragically lost their life to heart disease. These displays, in the form of hand-painted murals, showcase smiling portraits of the young fans alongside the impactful line ‘Til I Died’, mirroring the passion and dedication that football fans have for their clubs.

The choice to focus on 12 young fans in the campaign was based on statistics that reveal an average of 12 young people succumb to heart disease every week. Through this powerful visual representation, the campaign aims to shed light on the prevalence of heart disease among the youth and challenge the misconception that it only affects older individuals.

Damion Mower, the director of brand at BHF, emphasizes the importance of the campaign in highlighting the devastating impact of sudden cardiac death. He acknowledges the collaboration with the families of the young individuals commemorated in the murals, ensuring that their loved ones are remembered in a respectful and poignant manner.

In addition to the outdoor displays, the campaign will also incorporate social media content and radio advertisements to further amplify the message and reach a wider audience. The use of various platforms and mediums underscores the BHF’s commitment to raising awareness about heart disease and promoting heart health among all age groups.

The creative team behind the campaign, including CCO Franki Goodwin and ACD Mia Silverman, has successfully captured the essence of football fandom and translated it into a poignant message about the impact of heart disease on young individuals. By leveraging the emotional connection that fans have with their favorite teams, the campaign aims to spark conversations and encourage proactive steps towards heart health and prevention.

Through this innovative and thought-provoking campaign, the British Heart Foundation continues its mission of saving lives and supporting those affected by heart disease. The collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi has resulted in a compelling initiative that not only honors the memory of the young fans lost to heart disease but also educates and empowers the public to take control of their heart health.