New Steam roguelike expertly blends turn-based and real-time combat

Every once in a while a roguelike appears out of nowhere and I quickly become obsessed. Right now I have the Future Games Show to thank for my next infatuation, as Enter the Chronosphere got a new trailer at the show and we got to see the turn-based and real-time blend of cosmic horror that lets you play as a twin-stick shooting space bear.

If you like Hades or Enter the Gungeon, I’m certain Enter the Chronosphere is a roguelike game you’ll love. While the bright and bold visual style made it stand out to me in an instant, it was the Steam blurb that really reeled me in.

**“A psychedelic roguelike that blurs the line between real-time action and turn-based tactics. Play as misfit aliens, craft wild combinations between hundreds of weapons, items, and abilities, and disable uncharted chronospheres: Colossal structures that consume time and distort reality.”**
Now, if that’s not one of the coolest game pitches you’ve ever read I don’t know what else to tell you.

The chronospheres are home to all manner of combinations too, so each will feature a vast array of biomes, weapons, items, and more to combine into your builds. Cowboys with knives? We’ve got it. Alien fish that use parasites as guns? We’ve got that too.
Setting the roguelike on chronospheres lets developer Effort Star get weird with it, as physics, reality, and everything in between blend into a soup of brightly colored interstellar vomit. If Enter the Gungeon’s theme is guns, Hades 2’s is Greek myth, and The Binding of Isaac’s is religion, Enter the Chronosphere’s is wacky space hijinks.
Enter The Chronophere currently doesn’t have a release date, but you can wishlist the game on Steam right here.
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