Real Sociedad will not be able to be this coming Monday in the hype for the draw for the group stage of the Women’s Champions League together with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid after not being able to come back this Thursday in the second leg of their ‘playoff’ against Bayern German Munich, much superior at home and won 3-1.

Natalia Arroyo’s team arrived alive in the Bavarian capital in search of the ‘machada’ of lifting last week’s 0-1 at the Reale Arena, but once again ran into the greater experience and strength of their rival, implacable in the first 45 minutes where he left the realists without options.

The Catalan coach opted again for an eleven without Amaiur Sarriegi to seek a comeback that soon became more uphill. Bayern came out strong and controlled the game, running into Elena Lete Para, who denied Zadrazil 1-0 and once again a very active Dallmann.

The local team pressed hard and barely allowed Real to maneuver, unable to approach the Grohs goal dangerously and that at 18 minutes conceded the first goal, the work of Dallmann who did not spare a great wall with Lohmann and after a somewhat erratic clearance by Ana Tejada.

With no time for the visitors to react, it was 2-0 four minutes later, again from Dallmann, although Specht deflected and in a somewhat dubious position. The ticket became very expensive for a Real team that did not try Grohs’s gloves until the 34th minute, with an innocent cross from Jensen, and that was practically out when Schuller made it 3-0 at the stroke of halftime after a good play by Lohmann.

In any case, before heading to the locker room, the Donostiarra team managed to open their scoring locker in the tie through Jensen, who sent a pass from a very well-controlled Nerea Eizagirre into the net this time throughout the match .

This goal gave some strength to a Real where Natalia Arroyo tried with changes to put more momentum. His team responded and put more effort into the second 45 minutes, where Bayern didn’t press as hard either and played more with the result and taking advantage of some counterattack.

The reigning F-League runner-up had a good chance at the start because of the defense he vitally crossed paths with Jensen, but he stayed there and couldn’t find his way to the goal to score a goal that gave him life, even with the entrance to lack of just over 20 minutes from Amaiur Sarriegi.

The locals held up well and although they did not show too much danger, they gave Lete more work in the final stages, again successful to stop the heads-up with Laurent, in what was Bayern’s clearest chance in the second half.