Reolink Unveils Next-Gen Security Camera: Argus 4 Pro

Reolink has recently introduced the Argus 4 Pro, a cutting-edge security camera that sets a new standard in the industry. Offering a 4K resolution, a 180-degree blindspot-free view, and all-day color vision, the Argus 4 Pro is a game-changer in home and business surveillance.

The latest addition to Reolink’s Argus camera lineup, the Argus 4 Pro boasts several upgraded features that differentiate it from its predecessors. With a 4K UHD resolution, 4mm dual lenses for a wide-angle view, all-day color vision, and a 30% increase in battery life, this camera delivers exceptional performance. The Dual-Image Stitching technology enhances image capture and eliminates distortion, ensuring high-quality recordings and streaming.

Equipped with Reolink’s innovative ColorX technology, the Argus 4 Pro excels in low-light conditions by capturing full-color images without the need for additional lighting. This technology not only produces bright nighttime images but also reduces power consumption by 2W/h when in night vision mode, extending the camera’s battery life by 30%. Additionally, the camera features Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 technology for seamless 4K streaming and enhanced connectivity with multiple devices.

In terms of privacy and data security, Reolink prioritizes user protection by implementing end-to-end encryption, customizable privacy settings, and flexible data storage options. Users can enjoy these privacy features without the need for a subscription, ensuring peace of mind when using the Argus 4 Pro.

If you’re considering upgrading your home security system, the Reolink Argus 4 Pro is now available for purchase on the Reolink website and Amazon. Experience the latest in surveillance technology and safeguard your property with the advanced features of the Argus 4 Pro.