Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 (PS5) – A Timeless Classic with Limitations

In a world where video games come and go, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 continues to stand the test of time. Celebrating nearly eight years since its initial release, this fighting-RPG has recently received a PS5 port, breathing new life into the beloved franchise. With an upcoming four-part DLC saga on the horizon, the game’s longevity is truly remarkable.

For those new to the XenoVerse universe, players take on the role of their custom Dragon Ball character, tasked with rectifying corrupted timelines within the franchise’s lore. This unique premise allows gamers to relive iconic battles while uncovering a captivating time-traveling narrative.

While the storytelling may have its shortcomings due to slow plot progression and lackluster cutscenes, the real allure of XenoVerse 2 lies in character progression. Players engage in a grind-heavy journey, leveling up their hero, acquiring new skills, and obtaining powerful equipment through challenging missions. The abundance of loot drops incentivizes replayability, ensuring a rewarding gameplay experience.

Despite its vast content and continuous updates, XenoVerse 2 falls short in evolving its core gameplay mechanics. The repetitive nature of combat and outdated features may deter newcomers from fully immersing themselves in the game’s expansive world. While the title’s scope is commendable, the tedious gameplay loop poses a significant challenge for those seeking a fresh and engaging experience.

In conclusion, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 remains a timeless classic with undeniable flaws. While its enduring appeal and extensive content are praiseworthy, the game’s outdated gameplay mechanics and repetitive combat may hinder its overall enjoyment. For fans of the franchise looking to revisit nostalgic battles and explore a wealth of missions, XenoVerse 2 offers a gratifying experience. However, for newcomers seeking a more dynamic and modern gaming experience, approaching this title may prove to be a daunting task.