Rockstar has finally confirmed the true ending of Grand Theft Auto V, putting an end to years of speculation among fans. The game, which introduced the groundbreaking mechanic of switching between three protagonists, allowed players to make a crucial decision in the final missions – whether to kill Michael, Trevor, or find a way to keep them all alive.

In a recent update to GTA Online called The Contract, players were given a glimpse into the lives of the characters post-storyline. Franklin is now the owner of a Celebrity Solutions Agency, catering to Vinewood’s elite. Meanwhile, Michael’s whereabouts are hinted at in a mission where Franklin mentions chasing golfers through Richards Majestic Productions, where Michael used to work.

Aside from the character updates, The Contract update also brought new businesses, missions, and even a new radio station hosted by none other than Rosalia. The addition of Latin music and the promotion of her album MOTOMAMI through billboards in Los Santos added a new dimension to the game’s immersive world. Furthermore, missions with Franklin allowed players to interact with Dr. Dre and enjoy new music from the legendary artist.

With GTA Online still going strong, fans can expect more updates and content until the release of GTA VI in 2025. The game has been a massive success for Rockstar over the past 11 years, and the future looks promising for the franchise. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Grand Theft Auto.