Rune Factory: Project Dragon Unveils Protagonists Subaru and Kaguya | RPG Site

Marvelous recently provided new details about Rune Factory: Project Dragon during the Marvelous Game Showcase 2024. The presentation highlighted the protagonists that players can choose in the game. Continuing with tradition, there will be a male protagonist named Subaru, a vagrant hunter, and a female protagonist named Kaguya, a wandering shrine maiden.

Shiro Maekawa also announced two significant features in Project Dragon. The game will introduce new weapon types such as Bow and Talisman. Unlike previous entries in the series that focused on farming, Project Dragon will have the protagonist save the world through ritual dances as an Earth Dancer.

It’s important to note that Project Dragon is not Rune Factory 6. Marvelous confirmed that they are working on both Project Dragon and the mainline sequel separately. The team plans to release more information on Project Dragon soon, suggesting an earlier release compared to Rune Factory 6.

For more details on the Marvelous Game Showcase 2024, including the Rune Factory presentation, you can watch the stream with English subtitles on Marvelous’ official USA channel. The presentation begins at the 23:50 mark.

Director Shiro Maekawa shared a video during the stream showcasing the protagonists of Rune Factory: Project Dragon. Players can embody Subaru or Kaguya, two Earthmates who utilize the power of dance to interact with the world. This unique approach introduces non-combat tools like parasols and drums, along with familiar weapons like swords and new weapon types such as bows and talismans.