Sega Leaker Gives Disappointing Update on Sonic’s Chao Garden

A notable Sega leaker has given fans an update regarding Sega’s future plans for a new Sonic the Hedgehog Chao Garden-esque spin-off, though some fans may be disappointed to hear that it will be a mobile exclusive game for Netflix. Prominent Sega leaker, Midori, has been leaking plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog franchise information throughout 2024.

One rumor from Midori that has been on a lot of fans’ minds was a leak regarding a potential return to the Sonic franchise’s Chao Garden. The Chao Garden was introduced in Sonic Adventure as a pet raising simulator, with players being able to raise the titular Chao to be able to compete in a variety of activities, such as racing and karate. The feature was popular enough to return in Sonic Adventure 2, but games following it have not included Chao Garden. Midori reaffirmed this leak, stating the fan favorite mode is coming back, though it may be in a way that fans may not like or want.

Shortly before Summer Game Fest, Midori said fans should look forward to the future of Chao, which, combined with some early Sonic X Shadow Generations leaks, had fans speculating that the Chao Garden would be making a comeback. Following its premiere, Midori shared more details about Sega’s plans with the Chao, stating that both Sonic X Shadow Generations and Sonic Rumble were the start, and that the Netflix Games exclusive Chao title is called Sonic Chao Guardians. She also shares that Chao Guardians will be a brand-new game that is focused on Chao, and it won’t just include the Chao Garden’s features.

Some fans are skeptical about this new title being another mobile exclusive title, following Sega’s pivot in this direction with 2023’s Sonic Dream Team and the Sonic Rumble mobile spin-off. The biggest concern was its exclusivity to Netflix Games, which requires a subscription to the service in order to play. On the other hand, a number of fans were excited about the Chao Garden making a comeback in this form, as they believe that a spin-off exclusively about raising Chao would be a good fit for a mobile experience.

As seen in various screenshots of the game, a number of Chao are in attendance at Sonic’s birthday party in Generations. Players will be tasked with rescuing Chao in Sonic X Shadow Generations in special missions, and will follow Sonic after they are found. Sonic Rumble features Chao as cosmetics, earned by getting rings and spending them in-game. Fans should wait till more official information is given about Sonic Chao Guardians before drawing conclusions.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a prolific game franchise that started life on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Covering both 2D and 3D iterations through the generations, Sonic is known for speedy movements and interesting platforming mechanics.