The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Release Time and Dates (ESO)

After 10 years with The Elder Scrolls Online, everything has led to the Gold Road expansion and Scribing. This ESO guide will cover the exact release date for each platform and what time you can expect to play.

**ESO Gold Road Release Date and Time**

Gold Road will be released on PC after 4 AM ET on June 3, 2024. PC platforms such as Steam or the standard ESO launcher will have access to the expansion two weeks before consoles. However, the release won’t happen at midnight. Updates and maintenance always take place around 4 AM ET on PC. So maintenance for Gold Road will start at 4 AM, but players should expect to jump in around 7 AM ET instead. Once the update maintenance is complete, everyone on PC can get started in the West Weald, regardless of the launcher used.

The time in which you can play a new Chapter always varies a bit. Implementing a whole new zone and systems like Scribing on the live server won’t be instant. I highly recommend keeping an eye on social media instead of waiting around on the morning of June 3.

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As for ESO console players, the Gold Road release date is June 18, 2024. Xbox and PlayStation platforms will have the same launch day a full two weeks after PC gets theirs. Maintenance for the chapter could be different for the console release but expect the same kind of morning delay. The two-week delay for consoles is par for the course so don’t worry about the timing.

And that’s all you need to know about the Gold Road release for ESO. Get yourself ready for the West Weald and the Scribing feature that players have been asking for since the beginning. The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.