The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is once again a sub-$100 best seller at Walmart

Well, well, well – look what the cat just dragged in. It’s another Galaxy Watch 4 Classic deal available at Walmart! By now, you’ve probably seen this deal many times and know what we’re talking about. But, just in case, let us remind you – the timeless smartwatch is available for just **$99**, with the merchant selling it at **$61 off** its new MSRP of **$159.99**.

There’s no denying that this is an exciting deal, albeit not the most original one. If you’re a Galaxy phone user on a shoestring budget, you should really consider getting this **42mm Bluetooth wearable**. Alternatively, you can step it up a notch and go for the newer Watch 6 Classic, which sees a generous discount at the official Samsung store.

This bad boy is no spring chicken, so it’s no surprise that it’s far from the best Galaxy Watch you can get in 2024. But it’s still quite popular despite its somewhat advanced age. After all, it gives you **accurate heart rate measurements, sleep insights, VO2 Max readings** that measure oxygen saturation during workouts, and more. Did we mention **workout tracking**? Let’s not forget its great-looking design with the iconic bezel, the **ECG app** (which only works on Galaxy phones), and the **IP68 rating** that protects it from the elements. Contrary to many Garmin watches, this bad boy lets you easily manage notifications and answer phone calls. Naturally, you also have **NFC support** for contactless payments. At that asking price, what more could you ask for?

Undoubtedly, this **2021-released smartwatch** may not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly for **iPhone users**. But if you’re on team Android and don’t have too much money to spare on your next smartwatch, the Watch 4 Classic is still a good option to consider. Since Walmart’s deal tends to come and go without notice, we recommend acting on it while it’s still live.

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1. What is the price of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic at Walmart?
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3. Who might find the Watch 4 Classic a good option to consider?

– **$99**: Current price of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic at Walmart
– **$61 off**: Discount on the new MSRP of $159.99
– **42mm**: Size of the Bluetooth wearable

*”If you’re a Galaxy phone user on a shoestring budget, you should really consider getting this 42mm Bluetooth wearable.”*

**Author:** Polina Kovalakova, News and Affiliate Content Writer
**Bio:** Polina Kovalakova has a passion for mobile technology and uncovering the best online deals. Her insights into the mobile world are both broad and nuanced, reflecting her open-minded approach to technology.