Destiny 2: The Final Shape – A Comprehensive Story Recap

Destiny 2 fans, both old and new, are gearing up for the final expansion, The Final Shape, and looking to catch up on the intricate storyline of the sci-fi shooter. In a timely move, My name is Byf, a dedicated fan of Destiny, has released a 10-hour video that aims to bring players up to speed on the game’s complex narrative.

The video covers the complete story of Destiny, starting from the origins of The Witness and delving into the timeline of major events in the game, along with additional lore and backstories. Byf, also known as “Lore Daddy” in the community, has garnered significant attention with the video, reaching over 300K views within a short span of time.

As players eagerly await The Final Shape expansion, Destiny 2 will undergo a 25-hour downtime to prepare for the launch. The expansion, estimated to require 129GB of free space on all platforms and nearly 300GB on Steam, has already faced leaks online after a temporary availability on PS5. Spoilers regarding the story, raid, trophies, loot, and more have circulated on social media, prompting developer Bungie to caution players about potential spoilers and urge them to tread carefully on social platforms.

With the excitement building up for The Final Shape’s release, Destiny 2 enthusiasts are immersing themselves in the rich lore and intricate storytelling that has captivated players for years. As the game takes its final steps towards the ultimate shape, players are bracing themselves for the epic conclusion to this beloved saga.