The crypto market is all about giving everyone the chance to use blockchain services. However, some crypto exchanges block users in certain countries from accessing these services. This forces users to find other platforms or use VPNs to get around the restrictions.

But imagine a crypto exchange that is open to everyone, no matter where they are. That’s what BYDFi offers. This platform gives users the benefits of centralized exchanges without needing them to give personal details through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This means users can stay anonymous while using their favorite crypto products.

BYDFi, previously known as BitYard, was established in 2020 and rebranded in 2023 as BUIDL Your Dream Finance. It is quickly growing and offers advanced features, security, and a great user experience. The platform has a mobile version for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop version.

With over 550 cryptocurrencies available to more than 500,000 users globally, BYDFi is a crypto exchange with a no-KYC policy. This means users from over 150 countries, including those restricted on other exchanges, can access the platform. Even though BYDFi is no-KYC, users can still choose to go through the KYC process to increase their trading capacity.

Trading on BYDFi includes spot trading, crypto derivatives, leverage tokens, trading bots, and copy trading. Users can fund their accounts through P2P trading or use payment solutions like Mercuryo, Alchemy Pay, Coinify, Banxa, and Transak. BYDFi also offers a credit card application through its app.

To enhance security, BYDFi uses Google Authenticator for dual authentication and stores assets offline in deep cold storage wallets. Multi-signature verification is required for deposits and withdrawals.

The no-KYC policy at BYDFi allows daily withdrawals of up to 0.5 BTC without KYC. KYC is only necessary for withdrawals exceeding 10 BTC per day. This policy offers advanced privacy, enhanced accessibility, a faster onboarding process, and improved data security.

Overall, BYDFi combines decentralization, anonymity, and security in its crypto products, ensuring users from all locations can access its services.