A team of researchers from the Language Processing and Information Systems group at the University of Alicante (UA) is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for the design and development of new healthy foods.

The main objective of this project – which is called ‘EatItAll’ – is “to improve the quality of life and facilitate access to a healthy diet for people with cardiometabolic diseases (diabetes).”

EatItAl proposes industrial research based on technologies developed within AI to optimize the development of ingredients, formulations and functional foods, through a platform that allows identifying nutritional needs of consumers.

The project, coordinated by the Vicky Foods business group, began in 2023 and in this first year of execution, the clinical records of around 3,000 people treated in the department of the General University Hospital of Alicante are being collected, data that will be the basis of the creation of clinical rules, the research and development of algorithms for knowledge extraction.

For this first phase, as highlighted by Yoan Gutiérrez, professor of Computer Languages ​​and Systems and IP (Principal Investigator), the collaboration of ISABIAL (the Health and Biomedical Research Institute of Alicante) has been essential.

In this way, the researcher explains that through the use of AI algorithms different profiles will be created based on the clinical and nutritional characteristics of the patients and that all this synthesized information will have to be validated by doctors, who will make the relevant recommendations. for design and manufacturing and food.

It is then that the company will manufacture personalized products for each group and will move on to the clinical phase, which will consist of monitoring physiological parameters and individualized follow-up.

“All of this will allow us to validate the new developments that, according to this result, may enter a cycle of continuous improvement, to serve as a model for other companies in the agri-food sector,” says Yoan Gutiérrez.

“The tool will apply this learning based on clinical evidence so that agri-food companies discover the nutritional needs of the population. The knowledge extracted will allow the placing on the market of product lines that promote the prevention of chronic diseases and a healthier diet” , points out the teacher.

The project has been financed by the Comunitat Valenciana Program European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027 and the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació (AVI)// EATITALL (INNEST/2023/10), where it was the best valued of all the call. The UA, ISABIAL, Vicky Foods and Diffusion Comunicación participate in it.