The spin-off Prospera Biotech of the Science Park of the Miguel Hernández University (PCUMH) of Elche (Alicante) has opened a crowdfunding of 600,000 euros to finance an international trial. The objective is to analyze the protective capacity of the neurodermatological cream that he has created and which is aimed at preventing sensory discomfort from chemotherapy.

The company has created Oncapsisens, a moisturizing formulation aimed at restoring the skin’s balance and reducing the uncomfortable sensations derived from this therapeutic technique. For this reason, it has opened a round of financing with the Capital Cell crowdfunding platform, as indicated by the academic institution in a statement.

Induced Peripheral Neuropathy is the most common side effect of chemotherapy and presents as pain, itching, tingling, or lack of sensation in the hands and feet. In most cases, the pain is “so severe and disabling” that it prevents patients from doing routine actions like buttoning a shirt, cooking or driving.

The general director of Prospera Biotech, Marta García, explained that the importance of developing Oncapsisens is based on the fact that, currently, oncologists and cancer patients “do not have any specific product to soothe these discomforts.” “However, they are so uncomfortable that, in most cases, they have to reduce the dose of treatment or even abandon it, assuming the consequences that this may have for tumor development,” she lamented.

In fact, he has pointed out that the rate of abandonment or reduction of treatment for patients on chemotherapy who suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy stands at 60 percent.

For this reason, through the financing round, the company intends to carry out an international trial to validate the use of Oncapsisens as a protection tool against these discomforts. The objective is to know if, by applying it before the appearance of sensory discomfort, the development of these side effects can be avoided.

The formulation developed by Prospera Biotech consists of a neuromodulating moisturizing cream that contains HMGP. This “new” neurocosmetic active ingredient, obtained from a natural compound, regulates the activity of cutaneous nerve endings.

In this way, it acts directly on the nociceptor terminals of the skin, which are responsible for pain and itching in the neurosensory system, thus reducing hypersensitivity.

On March 30, García, together with the co-founder of the firm, investor and professor at the UMH, Asia Fernández, and the Security Director of this spin-off, Clotilde Ferrándiz, will participate in a Capital Cell webinar in which They will address the opportunities offered by investing in Prospera Biotech from different points of view.

The development of the formulation of the cream has been possible thanks to the research of the Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Health Biotechnology of Elche (iDiBE) of the UMH, which for more than 20 years has studied the neurosensory system, its receptors and the mechanisms in which they are involved. These studies have recently been published in the ‘British Journal of Pharmacology’.

Prospera Biotech is a spin-off promoted by the director of the IDIBE-UMH, Antonio Ferrer, which focuses on the development of neurocosmetic formulations for skin care. Currently, he is working on new formulations for sensitivity in intimate areas or for sensitivity caused by chemotherapy treatment.