The Turkish authorities have raised the death toll to 47,932 from the succession of earthquakes that hit the south of the country and northwestern Syria more than a month ago, thus increasing the last balance confirmed at the beginning of the week by almost 2,000.

As detailed by the Turkish Minister of the Interior, Suleyman Soylu, the authorities have recognized more than 6,200 citizens of foreign nationality, including Syrians, among the total number of deceased, while there are still more than 1,600 unidentified bodies, the Anatolia agency collects.

With this new balance, the total balance of deaths in Turkey and Syria is around 54,000 deaths as a result of tremors that the Turkish authorities have classified as “the deadliest in the history” of the country.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this week highlighted the “superhuman effort” carried out by health personnel and the country’s emergency services, thanks to which Turkey has been able to promote “unprecedented” search efforts. .

In addition to personal damage, the earthquakes have left a balance of 230,000 buildings unusable. For this reason, 3,320,000 evacuees remain, of which 1.5 million live in tents. There are 160,000 people in reception centers set up and 130,000 staying in hotels throughout the country.

More than a month after the tragedy, Mahmut Cuhadar, governor of the province of Adiyaman, one of the territories affected by the tremors, confirmed this Friday his resignation for health reasons.

This is the first political resignation after the disaster, although it is true that the resignation is not directly related to the earthquakes or the subsequent management of the consequences by the authorities.

However, Cuhadar has linked his resignation to health problems, thus leaving aside the theory of a resignation due to management

The earthquakes of February 6, which have been followed by more than 11,000 aftershocks, according to AFAD data, have also caused nearly 6,000 fatalities in Syria, although the number of victims in the Arab country is much more difficult to ascertain. calculate, especially in the northwest, in the hands of rebel groups.