The United States Department of Justice has announced the arrest of two citizens this Thursday after being accused of illegally exporting aviation-related technology to Russia for years, even after the invasion of Ukraine.

The two men, identified as Cyril Gregory Buyanovsky and Douglas Robertson, natives of the state of Kansas, conspired since 2020 to circumvent US export laws and send technological material used in Russian aircraft, and identifying their final destination as Germany, according to a statement from the Justice Department.

Among the equipment, they describe a computer processor with a sticker identifying it as property of the Russian Federal Security Service.

They are charged with conspiracy, export of controlled goods without a license, falsifying and failing to report export information, and trafficking in goods contrary to US law.

If they are ultimately convicted, they will face a maximum of 20 years for each count of exporting without a license, 10 years for each count of trafficking in goods, and up to five years for each count of conspiracy and falsifying information about exported goods.