RUNE and EOS both fell to the end of the week. The latter also dropped by double-digits during the session.

Near Protocol (NEAR).

NEAR was the largest token to fall on Friday as a red tsunami swept cryptocurrency markets to the end of the week.

After a Thursday peak of $17.12, NEAR/USD fell to $15.12 today.

NEAR dropped below its support level of $15.45 as a result. This is the first time NEAR has fallen below this level since the beginning of the week.

Prices rose on Wednesday to $17.77, a week after breaking the $17.50 ceiling. However, this upward momentum was short-lived.

The turnaround saw prices fall for three consecutive sessions. This led to the 14-RSI reaching its lowest point in more than six weeks.

Oversold prices are where bears will try to push prices lower. Bulls may see this as an opportunity for them to buy low.


Similar to NEAR EOS also held at a resistance level. This led to a selloff today.

EOS/USD dropped to $2.48 on Friday after trading higher than $2.84 24 hours ago.

After a false breakout at the $2.75 ceiling fell for two consecutive sessions. Today’s fall brings us to a temporary floor.

The chart shows that $2.45 is the first line of defense against fading prices. Should bears prevail, we may see a drop to $2.20.

However, the moving averages of 10 and 25 days have gained in proximity, increasing the likelihood for a crossover.

If this happens, and the 14-day RSI remains above its current floor at 48.9, prices could rebound strongly to start the weekend.