She is accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.


Ana María Cameno, known as ‘the queen of coca’, has accepted this Friday the account of the events described by the anti-drug prosecutor in the trial that is being followed in the National Court against the criminal organization ‘Los Miami’ and therefore He has pleaded guilty to the crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons, although he has not agreed with the 39-year prison sentence they are asking for. Including Cameno, so far a total of 58 defendants have reached an agreement with the prosecutor, although nine of them have done so partially.

The trial, which is being held at the San Fernando de Henares headquarters of the National Court, started more than two hours late due precisely to those last-minute agreements that the Public Ministry has closed. In the building where this macro-trial is being held, the 81 defendants are distributed in up to three different rooms interrelated by videoconference, unusual security measures have been taken with a large presence of agents of the National Police Corps.

In this hearing, the court tries the members of this criminal organization led by the brothers Álvaro and Artemio López Tardón. And the crimes that are imputed to them range from money laundering to the illegal possession of weapons, through drug trafficking, document falsification, against the Public Treasury or currency counterfeiting.

The indictment of the Prosecutor of the National Court, to which Europa Press has had access, indicates that the organization was “extremely complex, powerful, labyrinthine, intertwined, highly diversified and meticulously planned”, which was also “permanent and structured”. , which had international projection and which was subdivided “into no less than four large sectors or ramifications”.

Despite the delay in the beginning of this first day, the prosecutor Manuel Pérez Veiga has been calling for questioning the defendants with whom an agreement has been reached for the recognition of facts. Thus, in addition to Cameno, he has questioned her ex-partner David Vela -he has acknowledged the same facts as her- and more than fifty, among whom was another of the organization’s relevant men, Laurentino Sánchez, aka ‘Lauro’.

One by one they have affirmed that they accept the facts collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the indictment, although all have denied agreeing with the sentence reflected in that provisional qualification document. This is so because once they have confessed the facts, it can lead to extenuating circumstances in the penalty request.

Although up to 58 of the 81 defendants have been on trial, it remains to be seen whether one of the organization’s leaders, Artemio López Tardón, agrees with the Prosecutor’s Office, for whom the prosecutor is asking for 46 years in prison for drug trafficking, money laundering money, against the Public Treasury, documentary falsification and currency counterfeiting. His brother, Álvaro López Tardón, is in the US serving a 150-year sentence.