The co-founder of Neuroelectrics Ana Maiques has been proclaimed winner of the Women Startup Awards 2023 in the Disruption category, a recognition of her “dedication and impact in the field of neurotechnology, highlighting her leadership and the application of disruptive innovations to improve the life of the people”.

In 2010, she was nominated by IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs under 40 years of age in Spain and received the EU Award for Innovative Women from the European Commission in 2014. The institution also considered her one of the Fifty Most Inspiring Women of Europe. Subsequently, in 2022 she won the Goldman Sachs Entrepreneur of the year award.

Currently, she is the president of EsTech, the platform for high-growth technology-based companies in Spain aimed at promoting the development of a technological and digital-based productive fabric that will reach 40% of our country’s GDP in 2030.

Neuroelectrics is dedicated to the study of the brain and the development of therapies for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases. It bases its technology on the development of digital models of the brain. These models simulate on the computer the behavior of the brain when it interacts with small electrical currents. With these Neurotwins (digital twins) of the brain, they are able to simulate how the information that reaches the brain is processed and transmitted, and monitor whether the new therapies work.

The “most revolutionary” thing is that they do not treat diseases with medications but through these electrical models and the application of small currents, which modify the electrical field of the brain and therefore modulate neuronal activity in a personalized and very precise way to achieve the desired effects. This is a therapy that does not exist at the moment.

“One of the advantages is that it does not require the surgical introduction of devices inside the head or inside the body, since its device is a cap that is placed on the head, which has electrodes that remain located on the scalp. Through these electrodes those small doses of electricity are injected into the head, but without the need to introduce any device, so it is not invasive,” comments Ana Maiques herself in a statement.

This technology has been in the research phase for more than two decades and multiple studies have been carried out around the world. They carried out a pilot in which epileptic seizures were reduced by 40%.


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