The $EARN token will be published on the major exchanges shortly after the Initial Decentralized Offer (IDO). With a total investment in $8.1 million, the project closed its initial sales rounds. It is supported by a number of well-respected partners and venture capital (VC), firms.

The token sale is still a great opportunity for Earn Guild, since PancakeSwap, the most popular decentralized exchange (DEX), of the popular BinanceSmart Chain (BSC), ecosystem, offers an excellent chance to grow and expand.

What is Earn Guild?

Earn Guild is a play-to-earn platform that provides all the tools required to make gaming more than a hobby. Players will be able to take part in all play-to earn games and maximize their income potential through Earn Guild.

Earn Guild offers its own marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT), where players can rent or acquire NFTs from multiple play-to-earn game types. Renting not only provides NFT owners with returns, but also lowers the barrier to entry for play-to earn games. NFT renting allows players to have access to games even if they don’t have the initial capital.

A community-oriented coaching program is also offered by the platform. Earn Guild’s most skilled gamers will be able to share their expertise and help other players, for a small fee. This is the fastest way for intermediate and new players to progress.

The Earn Guild exchange is another tool. Here, a wide range of play-to earn tokens will be listed. They can also be traded and staked. This simple, yet innovative method allows anyone to convert gaming tokens into $EARN.

$EARN token liquidity and uses

The $EARN token powers all transactions in Earn Guild and every aspect of the generous reward system. Access to the NFT marketplace, coaching and other services, however, is only available to $EARN token owners.

$EARN, in addition to its utility, is the governance token for the Earn Guild protocol. Holders will be able to vote on the proposals and decide the future of the platform. Investors can expect $EARN’s liquidity to be substantial right from the beginning.

Its built-in fiat gateway, MasterCard and other features will allow $EARN token holders to convert their tokens easily into traditional currencies such as the Euro, US Dollar and many others. You can also convert $EARN to other cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Or, you can simply use the Mastercard-powered Guild Earn payment cards.

The credit score and other features will enable players to borrow money or finance in-game expenses. The LedgerScore provides the credit score system. It is based on players’ earnings and their fulfillment of prior payment obligations.

Learn Guild

Earn Guild is a pay-to-earn community. Play-to-earn is a skill-based game that uses blockchain technology to earn players crypto tokens for winning. Earn Guild helps players of play-to earn games to help them make more.

Earn Guild offers: a marketplace for play-to-earn NFTs for rental and sale; coaching for new players; the exchange of games tokens; fiat gateways with an Earn Guild Mastercard; as well as credit scores for players.