At least six people were injured on Thursday night by a projectile fall in the Egyptian city of Taba, which is located in the South Sinai governorate, next to the border with Israel.

According to sources at the Taba Hospital, five patients have been discharged after receiving the necessary treatment, while health personnel are trying to stabilize the sixth patient.

The projectile has hit an ambulance parking lot and a residential building assigned to the medical team, reports the Egyptian media Cairo 24. However, at the moment there is no public confirmation from the authorities.

An investigative committee of security forces has arrived at the site where the rocket hit and has begun an investigation to reveal the circumstances, adding that “once the person responsible is determined” “all options will be on the table” and Egypt “reserves the right to respond at the appropriate time.”

This incident takes place within the framework of clashes between the Israeli Army and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which has raised alarms that the conflict is spreading throughout the region.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have indicated that they are aware of the incident but that it took place “on the other side of their border,” according to the ‘Times of Israel’ newspaper.