González Pons criticizes the case and Gómez replies that it is an attempt to extort this volunteer who works for the inclusion of young Latinos


A young man who was number 20 on the municipal list of the PSPV to the Valencia City Council has resigned to attend the elections this Sunday after being arrested for reasons that have not been specified, according to municipal sources confirmed to Europa Press.

According to the newspaper Las Provincias, the former candidate is an intercultural mediator and a member of the Latin Kings and a few days ago presented his resignation to be part of the candidacy headed by the socialist candidate for mayor of the capital of Turia, Sandra Gómez.

The newspaper cites, on the one hand, the version that everything responds to a possible false complaint, which would seek to harm the former Socialist candidate and obtain an economic benefit, and, on the other, alludes to sources that suggest that there could have been a fight in which this man intervened in some way.

The national deputy secretary and MEP of the PP, Esteban González Pons, has echoed the information about the case on his Twitter account with the following message: “A PSOE candidate for the Valencia city council was arrested for assault a few days ago (PSOE He didn’t say anything), he belongs to the Latin Kings (PSOE didn’t say anything), a week ago he resigned from the list (PSOE didn’t say anything). Amazing. But, but… what’s wrong with sanchismo?

The deputy mayor of Valencia and socialist candidate for mayor, Sandra Gómez, has replied, both on Twitter and in a meeting with the media that she is holding this time.

In this sense, he highlighted the work of the young man as a volunteer for the Intercultural Platform and president of the Youth Without Borders Association. “He dedicates all his time to getting other kids out of the Latino gangs, he is a renowned Valencian volunteer who works for the inclusion of young Latinos”, he has declared.

He has added that it has been one of these boys whom he has helped who, after learning that he was joining the municipal list, “denounced it as a form of extortion.” “Politics has that, there are miserable people who generate these situations and guys like Esteban (González Pons) who live politically from them,” he lamented.

“Even so,” he added, “at the time this unfortunate accusation arose, the young man resigned from taking the act and holding any public office to prevent anyone from using it with the aim of eroding the image of the project and, above all, everything, to stigmatize Latinos in the city”.