The leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has criticized this Saturday during the day of reflection that there has been no talk about housing, education or public health throughout the electoral campaign and hopes that her formation will obtain “good results” in the municipal and regional elections this Sunday, May 28.

“It has been a campaign in which, unfortunately, nothing has been said about housing, education, public health or attention to dependency and it worries us,” he stressed in statements to the media this Saturday from the Tierno Galván Park in Madrid where he has participated in a race together with militants and supporters of Podemos and the candidate for mayor of Madrid, Roberto Sotomayor.

Belarra has asked the citizens during the day to think “not about what the parties have said, but about what they have done in these four years of government and also about the parties that have not governed and what they did when they governed”.

In this regard, the leader of the purple formation has indicated that Podemos has been “in a great hurry” to get where it is and that “the best is yet to come,” Belarra stressed, hoping that the electoral results “will be good.”

The candidate of Podemos, IU and Alianza Verde for Mayor of Madrid, Roberto Sotomayor, has taken advantage of the morning of this day of electoral reflection to go for a run with the idea of ​​”refreshing his mind” because he assures that “he has done well”. this campaign and “now it’s about enjoying yourself.