88% of the funds allocated to Spain so far have been called, while almost half of them have been resolved


The Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business, Carlos Body, has announced that the Government will publish this Thursday a new tool to monitor the implementation of the European ‘Next Generation EU’ funds.

“It is a tool that complements the rest of the tools we already have and that puts the focus on the final winner,” the head of the Economy said during his speech at the ‘European Funds’ conference. Keys and next steps’, organized by KPMG.

The minister has announced that this new tool, called ‘ELISA’, will be published on the Recovery Plan website, to monitor the implementation of the funds, created in collaboration with the different ministries and the Government’s Economic and Budget Office. .

Specifically, this tool will make it possible to follow, from the beginning of the plan, the evolution of the calls and resolutions, both of the tenders and the subsidies made by the different levels of the Administration.

It also allows these investments to be categorized based on the type of projects financed, of the successful bidders, of the sectors and also offers information regarding the size of the companies and the typology of companies that are awarded.

Body has explained that there will be a specific note developing the methodology that has been applied. “The base data is already public information, but I believe that beyond all this data being available to analysts, it was important that on the part of the public sector, on the part of the Government, we collected this data and made an effort, to categorize this information in a simpler way so that it reaches citizens,” he noted.

The head of the Economy expects this tool to constitute a “determining advance” in terms of transparency and communication, since the intention is to update the data on a monthly basis in such a way that “everyone can follow this evolution with a high frequency.” .

Body has detailed that of the almost 70,000 million that were awarded to Spain in transfers in the first phase of the Recovery Plan, more than 88% have already been called, that is, more than 61,500 million.

Furthermore, the minister has announced that more than 34,000 million have been resolved, which represents practically half of the 70,000 initially assigned. “We are halfway through the execution of the plan and we have practically executed half of the funds,” he stressed.

Thus, Body has extolled that Spain has reached “cruising” speed with monthly execution and calls, with an average of 1.1 billion in funds awarded and about 1.5 billion in funds called.

Beyond these large figures, the head of Economy has explained that close to 40% – more than 13,000 million – of the more than 34,000 million of funds executed have already reached SMEs, micro-businesses, the self-employed or households.

Body has indicated that the country is already embarking on the second phase of the plan, which represents up to an additional 93,000 million euros, 84,000 of them available in loans to complete the transformation process.