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A new concept emerges in the world of reforms that changes the way we understand them, budget them and makes them considerably cheaper.

Barcelona, ​​November 9, 2023.- CHEAP RENOVATION BARCELONA bursts onto the renovation scene with a bold promise: transforming spaces with quality and efficiency at an unbeatable price. This new project, launched by a team of professionals with more than two decades of experience, gives a change to renovations by eliminating superfluous costs and focusing on what truly adds value to the client.

The proposal has been designed to offer value in a different and very easy to understand way:

1.- They are cheaper because in the renovation the client only pays for the labor of the professionals.

2.- The material, the other essential component in a renovation, is paid for at a professional price and with the maximum discounts offered by the usual suppliers of Barata Renovation Barcelona.

3.- The structure is efficient, they do not have large premises, exhibitions, or commercial equipment. They are digital, the exhibitions are those of their suppliers from whom the client buys at a professional price, and the budget is prepared by the same technical director who later coordinates the renovation.

They like their clients to identify them with this phrase “get the renovation of your dreams at a price that won’t take away from you,” says Alfonso García, founder of the company.

A team of highly qualified reform experts and technical directors are in charge of each project, committed to preparing unbeatable budgets and directing the works with the aim of rigorously meeting deadlines and keeping prices contained. “It is not just a renovation, it is an experience of intelligent and conscious change, where every euro invested is reflected in the quality and improvement of each space,” comments Jordi Castillo, Technical Director.

Word of mouth and the REFORMA BARATA BARCELONA website act as an information and contact center, where customers can quickly understand the company’s value proposition and request quotes with a commitment to respond within 24 hours.

For more information about REFORMA BARATA BARCELONA or to start your renovation project, visit https://reformabaratabarcelona.es/ or you can visit them at their offices in Barcelona – Les Corts, at Gran Via Carles III 50-60 Esc C, Local 1. (08028 – Barcelona).


Launched in April 2022 by a team of renovation veterans, REFORMA BARATA BARCELONA offers a innovative approach to the renovation of homes and premises, focused on efficiency and transparency. The company is a testament to the power of experience, specialization and dedicated customer service.

Contact.Contact name: ALFONSO GARCÍA.Contact description: MANAGER.Contact phone: 93 390 61 33.Videos.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3FrKGIG….