STOCKHOLM, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — COCO nicotine pouches, the latest innovation from SpectrumLeaf AB, has now been officially launched in key European markets including Sweden and Switzerland. Breaking away from the conventional white nicotine pouch approach, COCO is the first nicotine pouch that leverages the highly porous structure of coconut coir fibres as its core to enable a smoother and longer lasting release of both flavours and nicotine.

“SpectrumLeafs’ mission has always been to break conventional moulds to develop unique products with the customer in mind. The concept of COCO is a reimagined pouch developed as a response to the nearly identical all-white nicotine pouch segment. The realization of COCO from concept to product reflects exactly how we’ve managed to combine heritage, authenticity and just the right amount of counter reaction to this homogenization,” shares Felix Sundström, CEO of SpectrumLeaf AB.

“However, COCO would not have been possible without Cannadips, a Californian-based brand led by CEO Case Mandel specializing in pouch-in-mouth technology such as proprietary delivery methods and all-natural flavourings. It’s the combination of Scandinavian pouch expertise with Cannadips’ product formulation and exclusive flavour technology that truly made COCO possible. We’ve also partnered up with some of the most reputable pouch resellers such as the Haypp Group via and in Sweden and Snushus in Switzerland to offer COCO directly to pouch enthusiasts,” continues Mr. Sundström.

COCO is where natural goodness meets genuine satisfaction and uses only carefully selected ingredients such as natural sweeteners and certified organic palm oil. COCO nicotine pouches are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and will initially be available in 4 flavours of Natural Mint, Tropical Mango, Clean Peach, and Blue Razz. For more information, visit COCO’s official website at

About SpectrumLeaf AB

SpectrumLeaf AB is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products in unique formats according to customers’ collective needs. Brands under the company include Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product, Elevar Hemp – premium CBD oral strips and other CBD products, and Voon – mini white CBD hemp pouches. The company has also recently diversified to provide a nicotine-based pouch product – COCO.

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