The second vice president and acting Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has conveyed to the first vice president Nadia Calviño that the Government “cannot consent” to the acquisition by the Saudi company STC of a 9.9% stake in the telephone company continue.

“My opinion is that we cannot allow this operation to continue. This is what I have sent to the economic vice president of the acting Government and that is how I am going to defend it,” said Díaz in statements to the media before the presentation of the book ‘For a Constitution of the Earth’ by Luigi Ferrajoli.

For Díaz, Spain must “think” about what the country’s strategic sectors are, who can be part of the boards of directors of those sectors and what the limits are. “Of course I will work to ensure that this operation does not occur,” she reiterated.

According to the leader of Sumar, “all countries regulate and standardize these situations” and believes that Spain still has a lot to do in industrial matters, especially in relation to strategic sectors.

“Telefónica is a strategic company for our country. And as such a strategic company and with the management of what is surely the most important thing in our lives, which is data, –not only oil in the 21st century– and that everything lies in them, of course my opinion is that we cannot allow this operation to continue,” he insisted.