He received 39,000 euros from the PP in representation expenses and 31,500 euros as president of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate


The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, bought a house located in A Coruña on August 11, he has 4,000 Inditex shares valued at 130,000 euros, as well as 600,000 euros in savings distributed in an investment fund and in a pension plan .

This is how it appears in the declaration of assets presented after his dismissal as a senator in the Upper House, in which it also appears that he received more than 70,000 euros from the Popular Party during 2022. Specifically, he received 39,000 euros in representation expenses and 31,500 euros as president of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate.

The ‘popular’ leader also received 1,770 euros as a member of the Galician Parliament last year and another 22,000 euros as president of the Xunta de Galicia. He has full ownership of a house in Madrid, another in Vigo and a third in A Coruña, which he acquired on August 11, as well as a rustic farm in Ames (A Coruña) dating from 1992.

It stands out that Feijóo has 4,000 Inditex shares, which had a value of 133,200 euros on August 14. In the first declaration that the president of the PP presented in the Senate, dated June 2022, he had 2,500 shares in the company, 1,500 less than now.

On the other hand, he does not have debts or patrimonial obligations of any kind, as it appears in his declaration of assets presented in the Upper House.

So far, not all former and new senators have submitted their declarations of assets, since they have until September 17 to do so, according to sources in the Upper House.

Among other relevant positions that have recently updated their declaration of assets, is the president of the Senate, Pedro Rollán, who received 25,560 euros last year in representation expenses from the PP.

It also has full ownership of a house and a parking space in Madrid, as well as another house, several commercial premises, garages and industrial buildings that are owned by a company in which it participates.

For his part, the first vice president of the Senate, Javier Maroto, received almost 25,000 euros in 2022 as spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group. He has a house in Sotosalbos (Segovia) and another in Madrid, both at 50 percent. In addition, he has almost 20,000 euros in savings in a social security entity; two accounts at 50 percent with 28,199 euros and an investment fund, also at 50 percent, with 33,031 euros.

Guillermo Fernández Vara, recently appointed second vice president of the Upper House, received nearly 96,000 euros last year as president of the Junta de Extremadura and owns two houses in Badajoz, one in Madrid and another in Huelva as community property. . He declares savings of 150,000 euros in the Caja de Almendralejo and has no debts.

Javier Arenas, recently appointed spokesman for the PP in the Senate, also received a bonus in representation expenses from his party in 2022: 5,013 euros. He has a total of three homes (two in Seville and another in Malaga), of which one was inherited and the other two are in community property.

As for the socialist senators, the former president of the Senate Ander Gil owns half of a house in Burgos and declares 237,000 euros between two checking accounts, two savings accounts and a deposit. In addition, in 2022 he participated with 10,000 euros in a microcredit from the PSOE.

The socialist spokesperson in the Upper House, Eva Granados, has declared a house in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) in full ownership, as well as 50% of another in Pallejà (Barcelona). She also has 236,000 euros in checking accounts and savings deposits and another 118,000 euros in investment funds and a pension plan.

Similarly, Sara Bailac, spokesperson for the ERC-Bildu group, has a house in full ownership in Tarrega (Lleida), 25,000 euros in checking accounts and 185 euros in a work pension plan. Likewise, she has 14,000 euros pending from a family loan.

Up to now, of all the statements submitted, the senator who has declared the most money without counting real estate has been Félix de las Cuevas Cortes, who has declared having 735,000 euros in an account managed by BBVA and ATL Capital, 18,000 euros in a fund investment and another 10,000 euros in a savings account.

Likewise, it has shares worth 302,000 euros, a pension plan with 204,000 euros and a retirement plan of 38,000 euros. That is, it exceeds 1.3 million euros in accounts and investments. He does not declare real estate and the only vehicle is a Yamaha Xmax.