The leader of the PP and González Pons meet with foreign correspondents with an image in which the motto ‘Help Spain’ appears

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, assured this Tuesday that the European Union must intervene against the Amnesty Law, which he considers a democratic “involution” and “blackmail.” In fact, he has warned that Spain may join Poland, Hungary or Romania as a country “singled out for the attack on its rule of law.”

“The deterioration of the rule of law and Spanish democracy also implies the deterioration of European democracy,” Feijóo declared in a meeting with thirty foreign correspondents at the PP headquarters to analyze the impact of the Amnesty Law and the Spanish and European political context after Pedro Sánchez’s agreement with the independentists to ensure his inauguration.

The PP considers that it is “important that the undermining of the Constitution, the submission of Justice to the interests of politicians, the forgiveness of corruption crimes and the forgetting of terrorism crimes to those involved in the process is known and is present in international politics”, according to sources from the formation.

During the meeting, Feijóo regretted that the Law that was registered this Monday in Congress “destroys” the legal security of an EU Member State and emphasized that this “deterioration” of Spanish democracy also implies a ” deterioration in European democracy”, since the text of the law implies that politicians amnesty other politicians, according to the same sources.

“The countries that attempted something similar in Europe had the express rejection of the community bodies,” said Feijóo, who recalled that Spain could join Romania, Poland and Hungary as a country “singled for the attack on its rule of law.” , according to the ‘popular’.

At the meeting, in which he was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of Institutional Affairs, Esteban González Pons, Feijóo stressed that the majority of jurists in Spain consider, just as the PSOE did three months ago, that the Amnesty Law is ” unconstitutional”, while adding that “amnesty for crimes can provide an incentive to commit them”, sources from the training have indicated.

In this context, Feijóo has expressed to foreign journalists his confidence that the EU control mechanisms work, and has regretted that the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont “has gone from having an arrest warrant to the Police, instead of arrest him, escort him.”


Feijóo and González Pons, who have appeared before the foreign press with a background image that read ‘

According to Feijóo, Sánchez’s “serious damage to Spanish democracy represents serious damage to European democracy.” “The EU cannot allow this. Here in Spain coexistence is being damaged, we are facing a reactionary involution against which we will do everything we can,” according to Italian television RAI.

When asked about the possibility that the tension seen in these days of protests at the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz could degenerate into serious incidents, Feijóo pointed out that his party does not participate “in any violent demonstrations.”

Furthermore, he boasted about the mobilizations called last Sunday by the PP and indicated that they had not seen so many people in the streets since the demonstrations against ETA after the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco. In his opinion, on Sunday many people who had not voted for the PP took to the streets.

In his speech, Feijóo also referred to the economic situation and highlighted that in recent days foreign investments in Spain have decreased and there is a climate of insecurity, instability and uncertainty that does not help the economy, according to RAI.


For his part, the Deputy Secretary of Institutional Affairs of the PP has indicated that by “amnesty” conduct that was never a crime, the PSOE opens the way for lawfare, and has regretted the future amnesty included in the text: it forgives crimes not yet committed” that can be related at a legal level to the events that took place in the process.

Furthermore, González Pons has pointed out that cutting off judicial investigations prevents analyzing the extent of the economic damage suffered by the EU, and has advanced that he will ask the institutions to ensure that the law is complied with in all member states.

The PP leader has indicated that on Thursday there will be a “conference of presidents (spokespersons’ meeting)” in the European Parliament to include a debate on the rule of law in Spain on the agenda of the next plenary session. In this debate, both Carles Puigdemont and the Government will take the floor for holding the current Presidency of the EU.


The PP has reported that the correspondents took a dossier with the public positions against this agreement from almost a hundred associations and groups. “A 126-page document that includes the social and institutional rejection of a law designed to benefit a single person: Pedro Sánchez,” the party indicated in a statement.

Feijóo wanted to hold this meeting with foreign journalists to explain first-hand the “concern” of the Popular Party with the Amnesty Law and the pacts that the PSOE has signed with the independentists to ensure the investiture of Sánchez, whose debate begins this Wednesday in Congress.

“We are going to internationalize the response to what is happening,” sources close to Feijóo told Europa Press this Monday, who recalled that the European People’s Party (EPP) has asked that it be included in the agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament this week. A debate is coming soon on the risk to the rule of law in Spain as a consequence of the amnesty law agreed by the PSOE with Junts and ERC.