The Federation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture (FICA) of UGT has rejected the interpretation made by the Feique chemical sector employers’ association of the XX General Agreement regarding the application of the wage guarantee clause.

In a statement, the union showed “strongly its total opposition” to the employer’s position regarding article 38 of the agreement based on a literal interpretation of the article, “because at no time does it make any distinction between workers with respect to the application of the salary guarantee clause”, and stated that he will put “all his efforts to defend respect for the collective agreement and the application of what was agreed, going to the ultimate consequences if necessary.”

“The agreed 10.3% salary review must be applied to the Gross Salary Mass, without excluding workers because they were hired in the years 2021, 2022 or 2023 and receive a salary higher than the minimum salary recognized in the collective agreement. Likewise , in no case may compensation or absorption of the salary review be carried out,” the union added.

In this regard, the secretary of the Chemical, Textile and Graphic Arts Sector of UGT FICA, Julián González, indicated that, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, article 38 cannot be interpreted as the employers’ association has announced, since The text of the agreement is “clearly clear in this regard and does not give rise to biased interpretive doubts as Feique claims.”