Global ETPs, an exchange-traded product that replicates the behavior of a basket of assets such as indices, commodities or currencies, had their second best year in 2023 by reaping 887 billion euros ($965 billion) in inflows, according to the report on a global scale from BlackRock, so it is below the figure for 2021, when it reached 1,194 trillion euros (1.3 trillion dollars, equivalent to the US trillion).

Specifically, the US entity has indicated that, of this total amount, fixed income ETPs set a new record of inflows in 2023, registering the sum of 304.8 billion euros (331.9 billion dollars), while those of Shares recorded their second highest year – behind 2021 – in inflows with 587.7 billion euros ($640 billion).

In contrast, raw materials recorded their third consecutive year of capital outflows by subtracting 14.1 billion euros ($15.4 billion).

In addition, the BlackRock report has highlighted the rebound in risk assets in the last quarter of the year, a period in which investors began to bet heavily on early and intense drops in interest rates in 2024, which led to a considerable bullish ‘rally’ in accidental stock markets.

Linked to this, equity ETPs recorded inflows worth 226.8 billion euros ($247 billion) in the third quarter, the third highest quarter in the historical series and more than 91 billion euros ($100 billion). than in any other quarter of 2023.

For its part, the last quarter of last year recorded inflows amounting to 89.6 billion euros (97.6 billion dollars) in fixed income ETPs, a figure only surpassed by the 100.1 billion euros (109 billion dollars) in the second quarter 2020, when the pandemic raged in the markets and investors sought safety.

Regarding the recovery of investor appetite for risk, it is worth noting that the ‘high yield’ segment (assets that provide greater profitability at the cost of assuming greater risk) were negative at the end of October and ended the year with 8,350 million euros ($9.1 billion) in net inflows; while ‘investment grade’ (more secure but less profitable) closed the year with 41.5 billion ($45.2 billion) in inflows.

Regarding the sectors, the firm has highlighted that the technology sector represented “almost all the flows” by obtaining 47.95 billion euros (52.2 billion dollars), while the next sector, the financial sector, recorded a volume of 3.5 billion ($3.8 billion).


European fixed income ETPs reached a record of 35.1 billion euros (38.2 billion dollars) in inflows, of which 26.6 billion (29 billion dollars) correspond to the territory of the eurozone – also a record figure.

For their part, European stocks closed the year with an increase of 7.1 billion euros (7.7 billion dollars), since, despite accumulating seven months of net outflows throughout the year, the end of the year served as a impulse – in December alone 2,750 million euros entered -, which has allowed us to recover part of the lost ground in 2022, when 15,350 million dollars (16,700 million dollars) in net outflows were recorded.