The Association of Judges for Democracy (JJpD) has warned that the protest rallies against the amnesty law that are being called in front of the judicial headquarters “may affect the image of independence and neutrality of the Judiciary” in the current context.

This was expressed this Sunday by the JJpD Secretariat in a statement in which it stressed that the Judiciary should “stay away from political conflict.”

In this sense, he recalled that both the European Court of Human Rights, the Constitutional Court, the Bangalore principles on judicial conduct and the opinions of the Judicial Ethics Commission, insist that “as important as the value of independence itself judicial, is the appearance of such and impartiality that the judiciary must convey”.

In this way, he has insisted that the concentrations that are being held “can damage that image of neutrality and impartiality”, mixing the judiciary in a context “of partisan confrontation in which it should not participate”, which is why JJpD does not will take part in these mobilizations.