The Gazan authorities criticize doubts about the veracity of the balance and say that “behind each figure is the story of a person” whose details “are known”

The death toll from the 20 days of bombing carried out by Israel against the Gaza Strip in response to the attacks carried out on October 7 by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has increased to more than 7,000, according to what has been reported Thursday the authorities of the enclave, controlled by the Islamist group.

The Gaza Ministry of Health has stated that so far 7,028 deaths have been confirmed, including 2,913 children, while nearly 18,500 Palestinians have been injured by the airstrikes, according to the Palestinian newspaper ‘Filastin’, linked to Hamas.

Likewise, he stated that the Israeli Army has “deliberately” attacked 57 health facilities and has left twelve hospitals and 32 health centers out of service due to bombing or lack of fuel, as reported by the Palestinian news agency. Maan.

After the announcement, the spokesman of the Gazatí Health Ministry, Ashraf al Qidra, has criticized those who question the validity of these victims’ balances, after the latest statements in this regard by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and The Army of Israel.

“We say to those who are surrounded by all the blood of women and children among our people and who have no choice but to question the validity of the figures: Enough of insolence,” said Al Qidra.

“It would be better if they took a step towards the truth, judged those responsible for this holocaust and these massacres and stopped supporting them,” he said, according to a statement published by the Ministry through its account on the social network Facebook.

Likewise, he has asked Gazan institutions to “review the work system” so that “the world knows that behind each announced figure is the story of a person whose name and identity are known.”

“We affirm that we will announce in detail and before the entire world the truth of this genocidal war committed by the Israeli occupation against our people, before the eyes of the world, since October 7,” stressed the spokesman for the Gazan Ministry of Health.

Al Qidra’s words came a day after Biden claimed to have “no idea” about “whether the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people have died.” “I have no confidence in the figures that the Palestinians are using,” he said, although he was convinced that there are “innocents” among the victims of Israel’s attacks.

For his part, Jonathan Conricus, one of the spokespersons for the Israeli Army, asked early this Thursday to distrust the casualty figures published by the Gaza authorities and maintained that “you cannot give credibility to an organization that lies.” and constantly inflates the numbers of civilian deaths and hides the death of operatives (of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups).”

Added to the death toll from Israel’s bombings in Gaza are more than one hundred deaths in the West Bank due to operations carried out by the Israeli Army and attacks by settlers since the October 7 attacks, which They left nearly 1,400 dead and more than 220 kidnapped in Israeli territory.