Madrid, September 19, 2023.- Faced with the arrival of winter, replacing windows is an ideal measure to achieve greater energy efficiency and improve comfort in the spaces of our homes. The citizens of the Spanish capital can take advantage of this opportunity and change their windows, thanks to the aid from the Next Generation Funds destined for the Community of Madrid, based on aid for changing windows in Madrid that reaches up to €3,000 in aid. direct and up to €1,000 in income deduction.

Such changes are possible with the support of companies specialized in the area such as HOCO Estudio Madrid, a company with extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of high-quality PVC windows.

The aid for changing your windows from the Next Generation Funds is aimed at people who wish to improve the thermal insulation of their homes or commercial premises. Along with the Hoco Estudio Madrid promotion, where they give a 20% discount and also if you bring a friend, family member or acquaintance an additional 5% for both.

Individuals, self-employed people and companies in the Community of Madrid can request and access to benefit from these aid to improve energy efficiency in their homes, establishments or premises, coming from the European Union. From Hoco Estudio Madrid, with a great team of professionals in the PVC window and door sector, they offer the necessary information and advice so that each of their clients can choose and benefit from help when changing their windows.

Some of the requirements to be able to access the Aid are to replace the windows with new ones or parts of them where their insulation improves, assuming that the performance of a window has low values ​​in the thermal transmittance of the profile frame, the U value that the insulating glass units must have, their solar factor, as well as their air permeability.

The specialists in aid for changing windows at Hoco Estudio Madrid advise the client and provide them with all the corresponding information to carry out the procedure. This occurs from the first contact when the no-obligation estimate for the new windows is made.

The best thing for those who want to receive the benefit is to go to an expert manufacturer and installer like HOCO Estudio Madrid. By requesting the company’s comprehensive services, clients will obtain personalized advice that includes free measurement, a budget adapted to their needs, and installation of new windows direct from the factory to the home, and in one day and without work.

The HOCO system is a 360 solution, which is executed centrally by approved professionals who will assume the design, transportation and installation tasks with a commitment to the creation of spaces isolated from extreme temperatures, sounds and external dangers, guaranteeing energy savings. and comfort for every home.


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