The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has lowered his tone, softening the tension generated with the Government of Pedro Sánchez and his party at the national level this Wednesday, although he has defended his position within the socialist community regarding the position regarding the independence movement and related policies, ensuring that although today their position is a minority, “perhaps tomorrow it will not be.”

In statements to the media, at the end of the parliamentary plenary session this Thursday in Toledo, he said that in any case he does not want to “insist any more” and that yesterday he already spoke “enough”, and now he does not want to be a “protagonist”, all time that what matters “are the policies and not the politicians.

To the words of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, about whether she seeks notoriety, she has responded frontally that she is a “good friend” and that she is doing “very good policy”, a social and economic policy within the Government with which she has said coincide.

A coincidence that in any case does not prevent him from “clearly disagreeing with the territorial issue and with the independentists.” “My opponent is not a socialist, he is the independentistas.”

“I have been defending the PSOE since I was 16 years old and even making every effort in the world for the PSOE to win the elections. I think that in that sense it cannot be argued,” he added.

He has insisted on ruling out that there is “any problem” within the socialist ranks, in which he began to serve “many years ago.”

Yes, he has recognized that in the territorial debate he has a “clearly minority” position in the PSOE, but that it must be “respectable”, since “what is a minority today may not be a minority tomorrow.”

He has also said that he has not spoken to anyone from the socialist leadership, and has ruled out fear of any sanctions. “I can’t fear anything from my party. All my life I have been calm. I only get nervous when we have to win elections,” she indicated.

He also does not see nervousness in the party at the national level despite the “delicate moment.” “There are many things happening and I understand that there is a very bitter political debate. And that anything, indeed, alters.”

All in all, he has claimed to be 90% “in agreement” with everything the PSOE says, but he wanted to defend his disagreement on “something.”

“And I believe that I have to be allowed to say it, and say it with respect, because I never attack personally”; He has settled, finally avoiding clarifying what he was referring to in the group with PP presidents where he spoke of being “extradited” from his party.